[The Star] MPKj to conduct a poll on the illegal building in Kampung Baru Batu 11

15 03 2009


THE Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) will conduct a public opinion poll on the illegal building in Kampung Baru Batu 11, Cheras, on Sunday, to gauge whether the people there want a community centre or carpark.

The poll will be conducted at the Cheras 11th Mile Recreation Centre from 8am to noon.

Only feedback from Kampung Baru Batu 11 and Taman Indah residents was being sought.

The building had been mired in controversy since the council declared it illegal last year for occupying land gazetted for a carpark. No Certificate of Fitness (CF) was awarded for the building.

At a press conference in Menara MPKj yesterday, councillor Lee Kee Hiong said the council had written to MCA in September to vacate the premises as it was illegal constructed and denied that it showed power play by the DAP.

“We received a reply on Oct 7 stating permission to occupy the land was given by the previous Hulu Langat District Council.

“They told us the building has been occupied since 1980 so we replied that proof be furnished but so far, no evidence of the arrangement has been forwarded to MPKj,” she added.

According to councillor S. T. Chandramohan, two notices were issued for the keys to the building to be handed over to the council by March 7 and the building to be demolished by March 24.

“When they didn’t respond by March 8, our enforcement officers changed the padlocks and the signboards were brought down.

“The Selangor government has made a stand that all illegal buildings in the state must be handed over to the relevant local authorities,” he said.

“We ask the people what they want and will take steps to legalise the building. This will be the case with the illegal building in Kampung Baru Batu 11,” he added.

The building in question houses a service centre, community centre, beauty salon, mini post-office and driving school.

Lee also pointed out that under Section 73 of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 133, it was illegal to collect rental from illegal premises.

It was claimed that more than RM500,000 had been collected in rentals from the businesses.

Besides the councillors, Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching would be present when the public opinion poll is conducted.

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