[TheNutGraph.com] RM300 “gift” mystery unsolved

28 02 2009

~ By Teo Nie Ching

“Envelope” journalism

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek boasted in Oct 2008 that Malaysia did not practise “envelope” journalism — a norm in certain developing countries where journalists are paid to highlight certain stories. In less than three months, Shabery was proved wrong in the KT by-election media centre.

It is easy to still preserve the accuracy of his statement and to clear the name of the ministry. What he needs to do is simply take the initiative to investigate the matter and tell us who instructed the staff to offer the envelopes to the journalists.

It is equally important for him to prove that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government is all out to fight corruption and that the prime minister is not the only person apparently concerned about this. The information minister should immediately sack the media centre staff and the individual(s) who instructed the staff to give out the envelopes. Sadly, none of this has been done.

It is also sad that the MACC on 20 Jan 2009 decided not to investigate the case because it said the reporters could not identify the media centre staff.

Read the entire article at http://thenutgraph.com/rm300-gift-mystery-unsolved




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