[The Star] Landslip woes still unresolved

28 02 2009

DISASTERS like landslides can be averted with preventive action.

This encapsulated the mounting frustration felt by Taman Desa Karumas residents after witnessing yet another landslip in the housing area in Selangor.

The recent incident is leading them to seriously doubt if their lives will be spared in the future.

Soil movement on the slope behind the houses in Jalan Desa Karumas 7 was first detected 10 years ago and was subsequently reported to the authorities.

The recent incident caused a landslip only 1.5m away from a row of 10 double-storey terrace houses.

Rukun Tetangga chairman Masrur Ahmad Suffian, 53, said they had dealt with many authorities over the decade but no one had solved the problem.

“We need a proper retaining wall and buffer zone to prevent future incidents. It is clear that the current wall was not built to specifications.

“We’ve experienced landslips and don’t want it to escalate to a landslide involving loss of lives,” he said.

Resident Chii Nyoke Yin, 64, said several residents along the row had moved out during the course of 10 years.

She said although cracks had not appeared, people were still cautious about living there.

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching who inspected the site took developer Karumas Ehsan Sdn Bhd to task for not showing up at the meeting arranged between her, the company and Hill Village Sdn Bhd.

“Part of the slope belongs to Karumas Ehsan and the other part to Hill Village whose representatives are present today to see if a solution can be worked out. If a terraced slope can be built, it will prevent landslips,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kajang Municipal Council engineer Fadilah Razali said Karumas Ehsan initially submitted a plan for a retaining wall.

“Based on Ikram’s advice that modifications be made to the wall, the council issued an order to the developer to submit a new plan but the time to do so has lapsed.

“The developer’s failure to respond in time could lead to the council initiating legal action,” she added.

Article taken from The Star.




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