Status of hillside development project in Tmn Bukit Serdang section 10/11

16 01 2009

On 2 January 2009 I received a note on my blog which said: –

Does your team find out anything on the current hill project under BSI (3 storey industry /semid lot) in TMn Bukit Serdang section 10/11, thought that was a reserved forest…drove by yesterday and seeing a lot of earth work vehicles in action!!! another potential BA incident in the pipeline.

Below is my brief reply on this issue:

For the information of this concerned resident and all the residents of Taman Bukit Serdang, the local councillor in charge Saudara Tai has had a meeting with the developer Fine Leather S/B on 7 January 2009 at 10am, together with officers of MPSJ (Cik Kartina – Perancang Bandar, En Zanuri – Eng, Infra) and Mr Wong (resident around Jalan BS11/5) and around 10 residents from the area.The land concerned was converted to light industry years back.

MPSJ has tabled the earth work plan for approval on the last OSC meeting. Our local councillors have rejected the plan.

In other words, the developer shall not and cannot continue with their construction work on the site now. Pls keep us informed if the construction work is still on-going.



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