Serdang DAPSY’s visit to orphanage house in conjunction with new year celebration

3 01 2009

MP for Serdang Together With Serdang DAP Socialist Youths (DAPSY) Visited Pusat Jagaan Ragaventhirar Karunai Illam, Balakong on Jan 2.

5 orphans are sleeping in such a small room every night. They really need your help and attention.

  1. 2ndday of 2009, Serdang Member of Parliament, Teo Nie Ching and a group of Serdang DAPSY members have visited an orphanage named Pusat Jagaan Ragaventhirar Karunai Illam, located at No. 17, Jalan Balakong Jaya 21, Taman Balakong Jaya.
  2. Together with Teo were: –
    • Cheong Yoke Kong, Chairperson of Serdang DAPSY,
    • Dickson Tan, Secretary of Serdang DAPSY,
    • Cheong Siew Foon, Treasurer of Serdang DAPSY
    • Chan Huat Guan, Special Assistant to Teo,
    • 15 other DAP members and also their friends.
  3. Tan Boon Wah, local councillor of MPKj, has also brought his wife and daughter to visit the orphanage.
  4. Each one of them has prepared 3 presents for the orphans as their new year presents.
  5. Pusat Jagaan RKI is a double storey terrace house, which accommodates 19 children.
  6. During the visit, Teo presented 2 cheques amounting to RM1500.00 to Madam Vijayakumari, the chairperson of the orphanage. The cheques were the donations from a few kind-hearted businessmen. It is hoped that with these donations, the children will be able to get new school clothes, school shoes and school bags for the new term of school.
  7. After presenting the cheques, Teo and DAPSY members hanged around for more than an hour to play with the kids, including teaching them folding balloons.
  8. According Madam Vijayakumari, the orphanage needs RM4000 per month, in order to pay the rental of the premises amounting to RM800, school bus fee of RM55 per child, etc.
  9. Until to date, the orphanage still lacks of mattress, pillow and blanket.
  10. A DAP member, Lee, after witnessing the poor condition of the orphanage, donated another RM200.00 to the orphanage on the spot.
  11. Teo urged the public to contribute to the orphanage generously to give the orphans hope and a future as it is our duty to feed, shelter, clothe, and educate every orphan that God entrusts to our care.
  12. Teo also thanked the generous donors who have given their contribution regardless of race and religion. When fighting against racial discrimination, it is important for the Chinese community, and all the communities, to practise a colour-blind lifestyle.
  13. Anyone who is keen to make donation please contact: –
    • Chan Huan Guan (016-9481126)
    • Dickson Tan (012-6131189) or
    • Madam Vijayakumari (017-2389812)
  14. Cheong Yoke Kong, the Chairperson of Serdang DAPSY, welcomes those who are interested in making our society a better place, to join Serdang DAYSY. Cheong revealed that Serdang DAPSY will organise more social care activities and political trainings for its members in the future. Those interested may contact him at 012-2283708.




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