Brief reply to complaint on road condition and suggestion to have an extra highway exit

18 12 2008

I have received the following comment on my blog on 7 December 2008: –

Dear YB.

I’m a new resident in pusat bandar putra permai (PBPP) seri kembangan, i would like to make some comment to improve better living condition as follows:

i) Road condition The road condition from puncak jalil to PBPP are from bad to worse i.e manhole, potthole and sink hole are everywhere and it’s very dangerous to motorcyclist especially at night.

ii) KL Putrajaya highway Can we expect a positive news pertaining to the new exit for this highway via seri kembangan

We really hope the state goverment will help the rakyat.

Thank you

Daniel Loke

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your comments. Sorry for the late reply as I almost missed your comment.

My brief reply to the issues you raised: –

1. I will convey your concern to the Local Councilor in charge as your area falls under Seri Serdang constituency.

2. I have raised this issue several times in the Parliament (read here and here). However all the answers were not favourable. This issue is under the ambit of power of Federal Government. As such, despite the fact that we have taken over the state government, nothing much can be done by the state government.



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