My brief replies to enquiries from Serdang residents

5 11 2008

1) From Wee: 

I live along Jalan Serdang Raya and cannot help wondering what has happened to the bypass project at the entrance of Jalan Serdang Raya. The project seems to have stopped.  Could you advise us?

My reply : 

This project is still on going but with an extremely slow progress, it is mainly due to the financial difficulties of the contractor. They are badly affected by the sharp increases of material cost. We are in touch with JKR regularly to give pressure. JKR has promised that the project is expected to be completed on December 2009.

2) From YM Yong:

我在PUSAT PERDAGANGAN SERI KEMBANGAN 工作,店铺刚好可以看到来往大学岭通往沙登大街方向。靠近印度神庙转弯处,无论是 由沙登大街上去 大学岭方向 或由大学岭下去沙登大街 经常发生车祸,我自己亲眼目睹好几次连环车祸,每次都会涉及五六辆车原因是排在前面的车子紧急煞车后面的车子总是喜欢跟得太接近,都是人为 。。。
最近常下雨,地面滑,特别容易发生意外。金马花园路口,往大洋超 那个黑色地带,最近可以用 乱 乱 乱 和 可怕来形容,之前已经交通大乱了,现在更可怕,我不明白为何交通灯没安置好,为何不关闭那条新路口,现在交通情况更恐,经过这里必须特别小心车子突然会横冲出来 。。。 太可怕了
My reply :

We are going to meet JKR to discuss on this issue on 6 Nov 08, Thursday at 10.00am.

The project ‘intelligent traffic light’ which links up traffic light from pusat perdagangan SK to besraya will be completed within this year. The company awarded with the contract is Cycus SB.




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