[Malay Mail] Stop the missiles

22 10 2008

~ By Nevash Nair

Tired of rock blasting activities being carried out just 500 metres away from their homes, residents of Bandar Damai Perdana gathered yesterday to sign a memorandum of protest, demanding that it be stopped immediately.

The residents also want the developers — Mahajaya Bhd and/or Medan Damai Sdn Bhd and/or Mahaquarry Sdn Bhd — to repair damage caused to their houses by falling rocks.

Some 200 residents crowded outside the Damai Perdana sales office with banners and buntings as early as 9.30am to sign the memorandum which demanded that the developer cease its rock blasting activities permanently.

The residents are also demanding that the developer hires an independent architect or engineer to assess the safety of the houses situated within a five kilometre radius of the quarry.

If the independent consultant deems the rock-blasting activities too hazardous, residents want the developer to stop any further blasting and quarry work.

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching, after listening to residents’ complaints and visiting the damaged houses, promised the residents of Bandar Damai Perdana that she would look into the matter immediately and take necessary action.

A resident, Stanley Chan, 35, said: “We do not mind the development in the area, but we want them to use other methods that are not hazardous.

“Our memorandum will be sent to Kajang Municipal Council, State Executive Council and the police.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, described the fear she was living in, saying: “Every day, my house shakes like there is an earthquake and it is frightening. After the ground trembles, cracks appear in our walls and porch.”

On Aug 28, the Cheras neighbourhood was bombarded with flying rocks of various sizes which slammed into some 50 homes, damaging walls, roofs and gates, as well as vehicles.

One person has been injured so far by the rock-blasting being carried out to clear land for an apartment project.

This article is taken from Malay Mail.




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