13 09 2008

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t surprised when RPK was arrested at 1.10pm. I just worried who would be the next?

When Ms Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested at 8.30pm, impolite language started coming out from my mouth. Why her? Why the real perpetrator gets a 3-year suspension while the one reporting the truth got detained under ISA? If indeed she made some mistakes in her report, let Ahmad Ismail go and sue her for defamation, why should the government use ISA to detain a reporter who is just doing her job by reporting the truth?

11.18pm, saudari Teresa Kok was arrested too. A candlelight vigil for her and the ISA detainees will be held at DAP HQ tonight (13 Sept) at 7pm. DAP Wanita comrades will turn up with DAP t-shirt. Please come along.

We don’t know how many more will be arrested in these 2 days. We don’t know how soon they will be released. We don’t know how they have threatened the national security. To me, the country was safe until BN starts using the draconian ISA. I don’t feel that our national security was threatened at all by any deeds or words of RPK, Tan Hoon Cheng and Teresa.

Yes, please stay calm.





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