Don’t call me YB! n_n

22 04 2008

This article is the translated version of Ms Teo’s original article in which published in “China Press” newspaper.
~ Courtesy of Saudara Lee Wee Tak

Teo Nie Ching is my name given by dad.

“Nian Nian” is my nickname as a child, family and close friends call me that.

Friends who are less closer normally call me Nie Ching. When I became a lawyer, people call me councilor Teo.

During GE campaign, people call me cili padi. I like this nickname as it brings me closer to the voters.

Now I have one more title – YB Teo.

1 month after being elected, I am still not used to being addressed as such. I went to many places and kept asking people to call me by my name. Really, I have a nice name. It would be waste not to use it.

I am not yet 30 and more than half of the people at the function are older than me. The rest are around my age. Now people who meet me have a degree of respect because I won an election on March 8. I have been taught to respect the elders since I was a kid and how can I adapt to this? Especially when my victory on 8 March has more to do with BN offending the people and not because of my achievements.

So please don’t call me YB!

Every MP should submit 15 questions 21 days before the Parliament sitting commences. On the 19th, I was astonished to find out on the internet that 29 MPs did not do so and 5 of them are from DAP. Luckily, Mr. Lim Kit Siang quickly apologised on his blog on their behalf.

I truly believe these few MPs have overlooked this matter inadvertently. As per Mr Lim’s honest words, newbies can make mistakes due to pressure, inexperience, poor communication but these are not acceptable excuses.

Luckily most of the internet respondents forgave them. I am new myself and hope to be given more time to let us adjust ourselves.

Scrutiny that is too stringent may kill off a newbie’s spirit.

By the same token, a newbie can’t take inexperience as an excuse. Inexperience is not to be exploited by the newbie, right?

During the GM campaign, we urged the people to give a large voice to the opposition so that we can provide check and balance to the BN government. Similarly the Pakatan Rakyat needs the people to check on them. Check and balance is not limited to applying on BN alone.

I am not offering any excuse here because stiff competition is the only way for the country to progress.



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