All MPs should be put under the same microscope

22 04 2008

I was being referred to a blog entry entitled “The height of irresponsibility! 29 MPs did not submit parliamentary questions!” and was stunned to find out that among the 29 MPs who did not submit their questions for the coming parliamentary sitting, 5 are from DAP and 9 are from PKR.

It was a relief to find out that Sdr Kit Siang has immediately posted an apology on his blog.

I sincerely believe that these 14 PR MPs did not commit the mistake intentionally. But, as Sdr Kit Siang mentioned in his blog, work pressures as new elected representatives, lack of experience with parliamentary standing orders and breakdown of communications are not acceptable excuses.

Nevertheless, from the responses left by the readers, I noticed that many of the readers were very forgiving and lenient towards the new MPs. I wish to thank those readers.
In the past, we have been criticising people for being so forgetful and forgiving. But now, we are seeking for people’s forgetfulness and forgivingness.

Generally speaking, I agree that we should not be too harsh towards the new kids, or their enthusiasm will be killed shortly. But at the same time, the new kids should not be pampered until they forget their promises. All MPs should be put under the same microscope.

For the same reasons, when I urge the nation to strengthen the power of the opposition in the parliament to provide better safeguard and supervision, I also welcome the people to watch me closely.




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